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No Fooling — the Season Has Come to an End

Make Friends with a Humpback

April 1, 2024


We operated our final Whale Watch Cruises of the season this past weekend, and we saw Humpbacks during all of them.

There still seem to be several Mom/Calf pods hanging around our part of the coastline, but we’re also seeing lone adult Humpbacks and even a few competitive pods. I checked through previous year’s blogs, and though it’s not unusual for us to be seeing whales at the end of March, at least anecdotally, this year, the number of Humpbacks we’re seeing during each cruise, and the population variety seems greater than what we had been seeing the past several years.

I send my MAHALO NUI to all of you who’ve read and commented on these reports this year. Of course I couldn’t have shared all these sightings with you without the help of our fantastic captains and crew…Will, Jason, Sam, Mason, Maika, DJ, Dave, Kai, Moani, Logan, Tyler, Sara and Scott. Though we won’t be offering Whale Watch Cruises again until December 15th, I suspect we’ll still see the occasional Humpback for the next month or so during our Snorkel Adventure Cruises and Pau Hana Sunset Cruises. If you’re on the island, we hope you’ll get a chance to join us aboard!

Mahalo and a hui hou!