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On Second Thought…

Humpbacks pass by the boat

March 27, 2024


After Monday’s Whale Watch Cruises, we kind of thought our season was coming to an abrupt end. But Tuesday’s Wake up with the Whales Cruise had us reconsidering. Throughout the course of the cruise we saw a half dozen different Humpbacks but we spent most of our time with a Mom and her calf who seemed to want to spend time with us too. These two were just swimming, surfacing, spouting, and diving over and over again, but they approached the boat on too many occasions to count. When we had the opportunity to deploy our hydrophone, we heard what Captain Will described as “some of the loudest and incredible different variations of sound” we’ve heard all season long. So, it appears that there are still quite a few Humpbacks hanging around our “neck of the woods”.



Ocean Sports Whale Fact of the Day: When we say we heard LOUD singing, just how loud do we mean? Well, Humpback whales have been recorded producing sounds at around 185 decibels. Because the decibel scales use different references for sounds underwater than through the air, that’s the equivalent of about 123 decibels for us on the surface…which is as loud as the amplified music at a rock concert when you’re standing directly in front of a tower of speakers.