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Bumps and Blows

January 31. 2024 Aloha, It was kind of drizzling when we departed on Tuesday’s Wake Up with the Whales Cruise, but we figured that the whales wouldn’t mind the rain — they’re wet anyway. Throughout the course of the cruise we saw a dozen different Humpbacks — most of them were just spouting and sounding….

Weekend Sightings – Lots of Competition

January 15, 2024 Aloha, After a turbulent week of weather, we were finally able to get back onto the ocean this weekend. Guests joining us on Saturday’s Mid-Morning Whale Watch Cruise got to see a lot. Besides the couple of Humpbacks who were breaching about a mile to our northwest, we also saw spouts and…

Dominance or Just Irritation?

January 9, 2024 Aloha, Whoo – boy — Monday’s Whale Watch Cruises were a lot of fun! We spent most of our Wake Up with the Whales Cruise drifting along with a pod of 5 very competitive Humpbacks. These whales were definitely showing off their size and strength (and probably their annoyance and irritation) to…