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pec slaps

Simon Says

January 20. 2024 Aloha, Guests on Friday’s Wake Up with the Whales Cruise from Kawaihae saw spouts from Humpbacks in every direction. We spent the beginning of the cruise with a Mom/Calf/Escort pod who were all resting peacefully just outside of the harbor entrance. After watching them surface, spout and dive several times, we decided…

First Humpbacks of the 2023/2024 Season!

We’re excited to announce that our 2023/2024 Humpback Whale Watching Season has officially begun! Today, Captain Mason and crewmember Dave, along with 9 lucky guests on board our Glass Bottom Boat saw OUR first Humpback Whales of the season! Dave tells us that around 10:15, he and Captain Mason saw some surface splashing north of…